The POSSIBLE JOURNEY, Uncompromised Trust
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WHAT SELF DONATION IS, Kenosis, Eucharist and Green Religion
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GREEN RELIGION, Inside the Cultural Spectrum
Copyright 2008, Sylvester L. Steffen
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Photosynthesis and Insight
The energy of Earth-life is cosmic wave energy—the electromagnetic spectrum—which qualifies all edification, provision and prevision, substantive and spiritual.
The “cultural spectrum” is the energy of vital/ social edification, substantiated and empowered in/ by the wave-lengths of electromagnetism, namely, wave-lengths of the infrared, visible light, radio-waves, broad-band, etc, which drive the processes of communication, consciousness and conscience, what constitute molecular transformation, reason, and the “process of reason” — the same “green” energy of photosynthetic plant life.
Self-reflective consciousness is able to function rationally, conscionably, and to choose relationships that serve wellbeing. The cultural amassing and selecting of purposeful actions and constructs, also worldview, serve culture’s sustainable intentions.
This fact-based understanding of cultural experience (wisdom) tells us that the sharing of faith serves wellbeing, personal and social — what is the authentic sense and intentional purpose of relationship, provision, prevision and essential religion.

Foundational Understandings
SUMMARY: Traditions of institutional Catholicism have evolved a theology of faith based on a 2000 year old, static-centrist worldview. This fixation is an obstacle for Church in getting beyond its past because of a paranoia about appearances of error in important matters of faith. Adult faith consciousness (Vatican II) understands that faith evolves and that new faith understandings will arise from newly informed reason and worldview.
Child Faith Formation
SUMMARY: Children need to be practiced in mindfulness. Mindfulness is consciousness built on the informed dialogue of faith and reason. Faith and reason root in cosmic experience. Culture and family relationships should provide a dynamic that engenders
holism throughout childhood. Exaggerations, whether of reason or faith, warp sensitivities and do damage. Faith is cumulative wisdom in quantum relativity, which is natural consciousness in which moral sensitivity (religion) and social dependency (civility) flourish.
Adult Faith Formation
SUMMARY: Faith relies on the rationality of knowledge; reason grows healthy on the solid ground of informed faith. Adult faith strategies add to faith consciousness by correlating with the necessities of changing and diverse contingencies. Human prejudices are culturally advanced and are subconscious and conscious contributors to violence and inauthentic behavior.
1) One and Holy
SUMMARY: Church is one people in one world of common origin. Religious sensitivity is the moral consciousness of cosmic rationality. Life’s continuity experience reflects on originally natural and continuing intelligence. The “originated” (creation) reflects on the “Originator” (God). Holy in itself, the cosmos unfolds creation’s psychic consciousness (reason, rationality), self-expressive in the interdependency of life. The covenant bond of Creator-creation is an insight common to indigenous religion, including Judaic-Christian-Islamic.
2) The “Two Gods” of Scriptures
SUMMARY: Male/ female, priestly/ Yahwist are unitary and complementary aspects of godly, quantum-electric consciousness, which require holistic and mutual sensitivity. Cultural animus contrasting these aspects suggests conflicted divinity as if two incompatible facets exist in God. Cultural alienation, caused by idolatrous presumptions of divinely preferred male sex, prejudices moral insight, traumatizes human relationships and does violence to spiritual and material necessity. Christians have inherited a traumatized consciousness, which advances a theology premised in misdirection.
3) Theological Virtue
SUMMARY: Faith/ reason mutuality (religion/science) may be facilitated in the conscious harmony of theological (godlike) virtues in which the social persona—female/male—processes holistically.
4) Catholic Church
SUMMARY: Femininity-maternity is the avatar of Providence, the paradigm of civil and religious sense and sensibility, the personalized expression of Yahwist divinity. Female grace, femininity, is the archetypical virtue of Earth, family, church and community. Patriarchy idolizes maleness excessively, violates femininity mindlessly, and frustrates family and social function persistently.
5) Sabbath & Jubilee
SUMMARY: Eucharist, the essence of Motherhood, the all-consuming process of change into otherness requires reflection, rest (Sabbath) and rehabilitation (Jubilee) if life’s continuity is to be sustained and vitality secured.
6) How Love Prevails
SUMMARY: Moral consciousness is even minded toward men and women. The accommodation of differences, as occurs in symbiosis, engages strategies that remove fixations and frictions and opens to potentials of otherness, to pleroma.
7) On Being, Becoming Human
SUMMARY: Mindfulness attends relationships in search of accommodations that serve mutual interests and remove frictions. Fixations put one on a backward-looking plateau. If we think “purpose” we must think ahead toward process outcomes of amplification (communication) and openness to pluralism; communication receives as well as gives. To be human is to be open to change, and to change in interests of wellbeing and social harmony.
8) Relativity & Relativism
SUMMARY: Sound-alike words can be used and are used to distort and discredit valid and important ideas. Institutional ideologues sometimes politicize sound-alike words to justify their entrenched positions against the challenges of new insights. Catchall labels too, like “secular humanism” are abusively applied.
9) Earth-Ground Eucharist
SUMMARY: The connection of the Creator in Creation gives to Creation its intrinsic wholeness and holiness. All Earth-life is connected and engaged in Eucharistic, ascendant transformation into intentional Godlikeness. The habit of altruism radiates Godlike energy others pick up on and are changed by. Early learned mindfulness facilitates personal transfiguration, growth into Godlikeness. Eucharist is intentional sacrifice, divine/ natural, spiritual and structural change to higher complexity. The energy of Godlikeness is attenuated and amplified in natural symbiosis.
10) Passage into Pleroma
SUMMARY: The word “resurrection” is historically freighted. Desire and dreams abound in anticipation of afterlife fulfillment (pleroma). There are knowable and unknowable things about resurrection. More is gained by attending to those things about resurrection that are knowable than about things that are unknowable. “Eyes have not seen nor have ears heard” the afterlife waiting; so it is with the bodily senses and so it shall continue to be.
11) Sacrileging Eucharist
SUMMARY: Love’s covenantal bond works wonders when the parties to it are faithful in their relationship. Old Testament history is about fidelity and infidelity to Covenant, and the universal harm that comes from violations of Covenant. The marriage covenant and fidelity to God in nature (Land) are trust relationships “of a piece”. No matter what deception is employed in the practice of consumerism, wasteful profiteering on female favors is prostitution. Using nature’s resources for personal and corporate profit and in adverse public interest is a sacrilege of nature and arrogant abuse of divinity’s largesse in nature.
12) Beyond Consumerism
SUMMARY: Corporate malfeasance is enabled by political pretense and failure of government to put public wellbeing ahead of corporate/ political self-interest. Collusion of government and corporate business in self-gain interest is a culture of death. Nature’s
symbiotic instinct sustains the cosmic insight that serves future wellbeing and the conscionable uplift of human nature.
13) Apostolic Church
SUMMARY: The Nicene Creed is a church statement of Christian belief. Jesus claims as his all people without restriction. The Christian expectation of self-giving identifies authentic belonging. Cosmic rationality, Judeo-Christian and indigenous cultures concur in belief of divinity in creation; the overriding obligation of this insight is fidelity to covenantal relationship. The solution to problems caused by infidelity is to search for understanding of causes and return covenant-fidelity to divine consciousness in natural providence, and to reform.
14) Things Seen and Unseen
SUMMARY: Experience and commonsense tell us that there will always be more things about us that we don’t know than what we know. Yet the voice of intuition can lead us deeper into the unknown if we pursue the rationality of connections, always asking “What makes sense?” In this journey into the deep, contemporary insight into quantum physics can be spiritually enlightening — especially as to the energetic role of photons in self-consciousness and neural processing.
15) The Golden Rule
SUMMARY: There are two interpretations of the Golden Rule; one is the interpretation cultured by belief in the taskmaster god and the other is the interpretation of the believer in Yahweh, the Parent God. Jesus represents Yahweh; “priestly” culture and dominion theology are heritages of belief in the taskmaster god. Yahweh, faith and reason culture can lift humankind above violations of consciousness.
16) Godhead Harmony and Civil Society
SUMMARY: Human imagination (dream) and experience (reality) have divined Godhead Trinity to be a community of equal Personages: Fatherhood/ Sonship/ Wisdom Spirit. Human community is understood to be anticipated in Godhead altruism. Father begets authority in son; son/ daughter inherits equal authority; Wisdom-Spirit (maternity) nurtures mutual/ reciprocal relationship. In the civil government analog: Father is executive; Son is legislative; Wisdom is judicial.
17) Dominion Theology vs. Liberation Theology
SUMMARY: Vatican II enlightens theology away from the dark and oppressive systems of the past and toward liberation and openness in keeping with evolutionary consciousness. In the Church of Vatican II authority resides in the whole people, not just in the clerical hierarchy. Vatican II calls for theological updating and a new synthesis and analysis that allow for lay participation and the liberation of theology from imperial dominion.